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Prenuptial Agreement

Marriage Settlement / Prenuptial Agreement in the Philippines

Juco Law Firm provides premarital advice to entrepreneurs and individuals. During the prenuptial planning process, we inform parties about the various options available for making a commitment to marriage. Ultimately, the choices made before marriage will have financial consequences both during and after the marriage.

A diplomatic approach is almost as important as its content in relationships with an international component. Experience has shown that the contents of the marriage contract can be a particularly sensitive topic in negotiations between prospective spouses. Thus, it is essential to give sufficient consideration to the perceptions and concerns of each party in order to reach a compromise that is both fair and balanced. Proper guidance and personal explanations result in greater acceptance of the content by both parties.

Past Clients

Proud to Be Serving Clients Worldwide

Juco Law Firm Client - Darragh W., Ireland

When I went to the Philippines, I first needed a lawyer in order to help me protect myself due to a bad experience and divorce in a previous marriage. I contact three offices and each replied, the difference between Atty. Mary Ann and the other two was the other two offices would not even give basic help or info without cash sum up front, which for us Europeans is not normal. I was only looking for basic information to understand the basic process,

Attorney Mary Ann, I arranged a call, and she gave me the basic information I needed, which then enabled me to move things on and arrange a proper meeting. Because I had basic information, I needed to understand what I was able to do and the process in the Philippines for a prenuptial agreement.

There always has to be some form or trust and honesty. Atty. Mary Ann Juco is a very good person and was excellent in all aspects and gave me great help, professionalism and confidence. She was always available and always answered helpfully, day or night, which is always much appreciated when living in different time zones. Atty. Mary Ann also acted for me in the purchase of a property, which she handled very well and professionally. I would have no problem of recommending Atty. Mary Ann as a very capable, professional and good honest person.

Juco Law Firm Client - David P., United Kingdom

I engaged this law firm for their lawyers to prepare a prenuptial agreement for me and my wife to be. I was nervous at first, but delighted with a thoroughly professional approach that provided myself and my wife family law guidance. Each time, three attorneys from the firm, who were courteous throughout, met us. The price quoted was very fair compared to U.K. prices and the fees never changed. I would not hesitate to use this law firm again and strongly recommend their service, particularly to foreign nationals like myself.

Juco Law Firm Client - Mark L., USA

I am a lifetime US Citizen. I write this letter to affirm the professionalism, integrity and high intellectual legal practice that have been demonstrated to me as their client. They have been my Attorneys in the Philippines since December 2015. I have been expertly counseled and that of my wife, a Philippine Citizen, now a conditional permanent resident of the United States. I retain Atty. Mary Ann Juco as our Attorney, currently, and into the near future. I recommend her as attorney to anyone who she can serve.

Juco Law Firm Client from Germany

We have engaged Atty. Juco to draft our prenuptial agreement and advise us on the necessary details. She was very competent and suggested practical solutions and has always replied swiftly with necessary edits. Since we are a bi-national couple, many legal scenarios have to be considered, but we always felt safe and fully trusted her advice.

I would always engage her again and would recommend her expertise to other clients, especially when foreign jurisdictions other than Philippine laws are concerned.

Juco Law Firm Client - Shlomo Hay, Israel

Atty Juco has helped us with excellent competency and remarkably swift replies, amendments and adjustments. I always felt in the right hands when dealing with legal issues and finding the best solution.

Her experience with foreign countries' laws and regulations and aligning them with Philippine laws makes her particularly valuable for foreign clients.

Thank you so much for the help and advice!

Juco Law Firm Client - James Chan, Philippines

I would like to share our experiences with Attorney Mary Ann Juco.

My wife and I were looking for a lawyer to draft our prenuptial agreement (before we got married). After several weeks of looking and asking for recommendations, we finally decided and contact Attorney Juco, besides her years of practice,  she also has an experience drafting a contract for a foreign nationality and I am a Foreigner.

We felt comfortable conversing with Atty. Juco. She is approachable and very easy to talk to.

We have a lot of positive comments but if you want the best lawyer. I would strongly recommend Attorney Juco.

Thank you again for your service attorney!

God bless!

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