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Child Custody and Support

Child Custody and Support in the Philippines

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Juco Law Firm Client - Chris C., Ireland

I am an Irish citizen and have been dealing with Mary Ann and her great team of lawyers since early 2016. We had an extremely challenging case on our hands due to my wife leaving me and going back to the Philippines with our daughter. My wife changed our daughter’s identity by using a false birth certificate and obtaining a new Philippine passport under a new name. My wife character assassinated me in court and tried to steal my daughter from me. Luckily for me, I had a wonderful lawyer and attorney in Mary Ann, who worked extremely hard to win every point of our case. In May 2017, my daughter left the Philippines and now lives with me in Ireland. We are extremely grateful to Mary Ann and her team, as without their integrity and hard work, we would have had a serious battle on our hands that we could have lost. I cannot recommend Mary Ann and her firm highly enough. She changed my life and my daughter’s life.

Juco Law Firm Client - Taylor LDF., Philippines

I am a uniformed personnel and a single mom to daughter. When I was pregnant, the father, also a uniformed personnel, was denying or seemed confused about his paternity to my child. His unresponsiveness and seemingly undecided mindset made me file an administrative case. I was so devastated when my administrative case against him was dropped and closed because of lack of evidence (when I was already pregnant). I insisted for DNA testing but administrative authorities could not do anything to compel him to undergo said testing. I even went to our local prosecutor office and public attorney’s office to seek legal counsel but my efforts were unproductive. Until I gave birth, the father was lulubog-lilitaw. He would contact me and then go on MIA after. It was annoying and an unending struggle That was when I decided to seek legal counsel. I remember scrolling through my phone several law firms and filling out every online form. I was desperate. There were some who responded and some site that was pretty shady. Among the websites was Juco Law Firm. I filled out their online form. I did not really expected much but the next day I received an e-mail from Atty Mary Ann Juco asking me if I am available and interested to discuss my situation via online meeting. And so we did. She was very accommodating and elaborated every option that we could take and the consequences that every option entails. Seeking legal assistance are pretty pricey and time consuming and dragging but Atty Juco ensured that her client gets the best outcome. Her approach was conservative but delivered standard results for a reasonable payment. Atty Mary Ann Juco mediated our disputes professionally. She explained to us what was acceptable and what was not acceptable to both parties. It was what I admired of her, being able to enlighten people may it be her client or not. She was unbiased and fair-minded but provided her client what was expected of her as a legal counsel. With that, we were able to willfully submit ourselves into paternity testing and agreed on the terms regarding custody and support of the child in a cordial way. We recently settled our agreement and I am deeply grateful that I came across their website.

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